Android App Developer Tips: Do's And Don'ts In Making Android Apps

Android App Developer Tips: Do's and don'ts in the preparation of Android Apps

• Do not keep the user in mind when designing your application. Many android app developer has made a mistake and developing applications based solely on what they think they should do and not think about how other people will actually use it in real life. And the funny thing is, it's not so hard to find an end user feels. You can conduct surveys, for example, do some beta testing, or to evaluate your app review blog.

• Do NOT include scalability, and integration into the app. Expandability should always consider their applications for design, especially if you are making the first version. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked as many mobile applications today are developed in a short period of time in order to take advantage of current needs or trends. But, scalability, it could lead to a lot of re-configuring a new version is released or functionality.


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