Need For Android Development Multitasking

Android application development is on the rise these days. This is because it is unique in that it lets you run multiple applications simultaneously. It might be new for other developers. Android developers need to know before making the application behavior so that it will work well. Here we see more multi-tasking aspect of the Android platform, applications that work with Android on the impact and benefits that are free.

How Multitasking design came to the

There are some technical limitations in mobile devices. There are some requirements for users that do not exist on the web, as well as on the desktop. So Android developers, and design of multi tasking features are kept in mind the following limitations.

  • When a person uses a mobile do not have time or patience to click on the option made ​​after using each application as they have to use it very often and that was for a short time. So, while developing this in mind, a user does not need to click to do after you request.

  • memory space that is available in the phone is very limited. They have no option called as swap space. Thus, the development of Android applications is done on the Android developers keeping in mind the restrictions.

  • time the user moves from one application to another in the mobile phone is very small. Therefore, the time required to run applications almost less than a second. Say for example, a user watching a video and receive SMS. So, he must go to the message and return to the video. When the waiting period for these programs is the inclusion of users will not like it. So Android developers keep this in mind during the development of Android platform.

  • To create a built in Google applications available dovoljno.Filozofija API should be here any program is treated the same. It is that everyone is equal. This is what applications such as GPS, data synchronization, the music must be available in the same API that is available for third party developers.

The main objective of the development of Android makes the user feel that all the applications at the same time. The developers have also borne in mind that the memory that is available in the phone is very small and the RAM that is actually required to run so many applications is much more than what's available in your phone. There is no substitute memory. These constraints are the main reason why Android development came up.

However, a very common misunderstanding in the Android multitasking is a major difference between the application and procesa.Aplikacija there can be no process actually works in Android. More applications can share a process, or vice versa, this is one application can use multiple processors. It all depends on the needs of the application process.


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