Huge Demand For Android Developers Working On Honeycomb!

Smartphone users give a very smart choice, but for smart phones will be smart, applications developed by professional Android developers have to be smart enough to impress customers. Hence, many companies hire Android developers who can deliver the goods, the smart way!

Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb is compatible with the Android-powered tablet. There is even a major upgrade brought about by the launch of Google Android Honeycomb 3.1.

Honeycomb version boasts many features, including a number of library functions, smooth and seamless transitions, basic utilities, and resize widgets, efficient multi-tasking, better performance and a series of emulator skin for a better look and feel. One can immediately shut down all operations without the need for interference with a strong task vodiča.API code, UI framework and animation framework drastically promijenila.Android 3.1 powered smartphone can take advantage of RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) API for on-demand streaming or interactive podataka.API-I created for the version supports USB host, and also the interaction devices. Using the API Android Developers are skilled enough to create, discover, interact, and even take care of compatibility issues while creating a variety of mobile devices.

Honeycomb Android application is thoroughly progressive and handling powerful mobile applications with more features. There are many companies that provide mobile app development, particularly Android app but needs to find the proper development of the company or the Android Developer to suit the role perfectly.

In addition, it is even feasible to look at the Android developers at offshore locations such as Indija.Najbolji part of outsourcing application development based on cores that are skilled and efficient enough to create extremely innovative applications at economical prices. Also, there are many of them in the eastern part of the world who are ready to perform at even one-third of the cost charged by their western counterparts.

Offshore development companies hire highly experienced Android app developers who help customers with great applications that can create huge ROI. There is much in demand in app development in various areas including commercial software, games, travel apps, medical applications, parties Apps, etc.

hiring Android developers is not as easy as it seems. There are many that can be found, but only some of them have the vision and the ability to create something out of the blue. There are some companies that even offer virtual development services so that you can hire them to complete the project.


merai lou said...

Wow! I think Android 3.0, Honeycomb is another best in Android Technology. Featuring the latest Google Mobile innovations including Google Maps 5 with 3D interactions and offline reliability, access to over 3 million Google eBooks, and Google Talk, which now allows you to video and voice chat with any other Google Talk enabled device (PC, tablet, etc) this would really be a new technology that would be fun to use, usually for techie people.

Android Developer

Unknown said...

Hello Guys, Nice Post thanks for sharing post.

Android is an open source platform for developing applications for mobile phones giving a wider range of opportunities to the Android application developers to develop new and innovative applications.

If You have any query about Android Developers are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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