Android App Review Sites for Developers

There are already more than 500,000 applications filed in the android market and nearly 345,000 active aplikacija.Važan part of the application involves the submission of marketing applications for the online review sites. This application allows good exposure among the general public. Here is a list of android app review site -


This is yet another Android app review site that was posted with the latest applications on tržištu.Stranica allows users to insert opinions about key functions in Apps.Baza data that is located in the directory style offers readers information on prices, user ratings, comments, etc. the best thing about a Web site that displays the application view in any point of time. This means that more attractive and popular app has, more will be featured in "to review the list."

Android Zoom

This page allows users to search, view and evaluate aplikacije.Stranica is updated hourly with new applications, games, utilities and many other things. In other words, this site fills the lack of online Android Market. This site works well for programmers, such as a top-picks each week and day-wise approx.

Android Community

This is the only Web site that provides a valuable learning experience with mobile devices. Developers can access the necessary resources in Android Community Forums. Developers can find a discussion of specific models, android, hack, who compiled the list of software by the user, etc.

Android apps

This page allows users to browse and search applications by category. In applications with long descriptions and recommendations. Users can send screenshots and videos of online apps. In addition, the site even allows the developer to inform users about the cheapening of the app, so users stay updated with the app. The site also has a top referees every week, so the programmer can choose between the best reconsider your app.

Android and I

This is a very comprehensive free resource that covers news and software. Programmers must verify the application site that has descriptions, reviews, ratings and comments on various applications. There is no page titled "Page for beginners," where developers will find lots of information about the terminology or the popular new free software that the owner should keep up with.

There are thousands of Android app review site and one must have a look at this site and see what is really there.


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