Top Android Apps

24/7 personal voice mail program, so you never miss an urgent call. Search awaiting an important phone call while your interest in the environment or meeting? With Android applications, you can get your personal machine running 24/7 to help you manage your calls when you're on the move.
This soft, high-quality app just activated the phone for important calls when the phone is automatically switched off, but still receive incoming calls. When this option is enabled, the phone automatically sends an SMS prompt call is urgent or not.


We will call filters that interfere in case of emergency.
The display and text messages calling for emergency response.
Ability to create your own personal message.

Cardio Coach

Cardio Coach is a good program, where you can track and record their fitness activities. This program has several smart features, including GPS tracking, integration of music, pedometer and a lot more to cardio and fun and challenging. Just install the cardio trainer on your Android phone, run it and go. Whether your jogging, walking, skiing, biking, or virtually any other activity, cardio coach, will serve as a virtual training partner.



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