Android App Testing - Making a Good App Great

Android phones, which, let's face it, consists of a growing number of phones is emerging as a serious contender in the battle to ensure dominance in the mobile market. Coming late to fight is always an uphill struggle, and so a good hardware, the user (the customer) will be paying close attention to the Apps. This article answers some questions regarding Mobile App testing and also provides some guidance on how Android App can be tested.

Before the app is released, the developer should ensure that their app is a defect free as possible. As a professional Android App tester, there are so many defects found that could easily have been detected if the app is tested before rushing it out for release. Although, Android App can relatively be updated and re-released pretty quickly. Influence of the user leaving the negative comments against the app can determine whether or not the app is successful or not, its as simple as that. So the first rule of app testing is to test early and get App tested immediately prior to publication, preferably a professional tester App.

searching on Google, you'll find several companies that offer very cheap Android App testing, but it is usually performed in simulators and not actual devices. These simulators are nothing more than a web browser created to be the same size screen Android phone. While this May seem a good test of its Android App.Simulator can not check the memory, CPU usage, battery usage, the network turned off or signal strength. There are even companies out there that says you can test on real device via the web. Well, it does not take a genius to work that it is effectively just another simulator. If you browse App through Web sites, it is not the same as testing in the real device, far from it. In my experience, I have seen so many Apps that fall, and it will not be detected by the simulator. When choosing a testing Android App company, make sure you have the right equipment to be used, after all, this is what your client will use, and so it is perfectly logical to ensure that your app works properly on one.

important and overlooked area of ​​App, is its usability. Although every thing work perfectly, users experience needs to be considered. If its awkward to use, or for navigation and workflow is wrong, then the user will most likely fall App and go to competitors instead of App. Usability testing is a common form of software testing and a good Android App testing company should be able to offer this service. Usability testing often involves the creation of a typical user scenarios and play them while testing App. For example, a malicious user type can be used to attempt to break App performing an unexpected / extreme functions.

type of information you get back from the App professional tester, it must make sense for you. It should not be just a list of bugs found. Verify that replication steps and screenshots ideal condition for any errors in the App. If the test report is provided that can highlight your strengths and weaknesses Apps, then it is highly recommended.

Your probably in a hurry to get your app out the door and making money. So you'll want to ensure your app tester can test my App and take you back in a timely manner. You should be able to ask any testing Android App company for this type of information in advance. Finally, the cost of about opinions. You can not put a price on quality right ?.... Well, it's kind of true, but try to avoid the company's App tests that do not display their prices. This usually means that they want to squeeze as much money from you, and you push accept more opinions than you actually want, or trebate.Dobra testing company will offer Android App testing services as well as testing packages that list the tests will be performed. In this way, you know exactly what tests you get along with the total cost.


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