Android Apps And Their Integration With An ERP Solution

mobile field staff are always on my mind until the end when you are on the ground for their regular rounds. It is very difficult for them first record orders by hand again and then update the data when they returned to their office. They must be manually re-enter the data into the database of the ERP. It is a waste of resources of time, since it is definitely time lag in updating the sales order. Chances are that when a sales order is made​​, staff can recognize that they are on the short list after they have returned. In addition, sales staff can be difficult to plan their rounds because they are not sure the customer site and can end up wasting your time for each visit.

mobile field applications in the form of Android apps are the latest software applications that have burst onto the market. These applications can be integrated with any ERP solution so that a fantastic sync information between sales staff and the database of ERP in real time.

This integration between the ERP and the Android application is intended to streamline the operations of the organizations attach great importance to its after-sales service existing and new clients. Services make up the central indicator of the success of the industry. Without real-time connection to back-end business applications, field personnel are forced to use paper forms to collect data for a wide range of transactions - and then manually enter data into their company database when they return back to their stationary desks. As a result, there is definitely a time lag in business processes and overall operations - delays that affect the level of service, employee productivity, cash flow and overall profitabilnost.Osnovni provided such organizations are able to meet customer service levels is a pleasure to provide quick service to its customers and increase efficiency in the process.

There are a whole array of services available for Android-enabled devices that are easy to install, and portable enough to provide a fantastic solution for reducing the delay in service for greater productivity. This is how applications rade.Izvršni applying the mobile application and look at the administration / activities assigned to it. He can solve them status-wise, and priority-mudar.Osoblje then you can schedule time for their activities through optimal routing features and functionality of Google Maps that is integrated into aplikacije.Android application displays real-time inventory status using different parameters, allowing executive search update information such as the status of activities too.


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