Corona Produces Android And iPhone Versions Simultaneously

In basic language, Corona manufactures Android and iPhone versions simultaneously. Ansca program, Corona, is used to create applications for Android and iPhone. iTunes and the Android Market is always a list of Corona developed applications in the top 10 categories.

iPhone and Android applications development

Corona, for a price of $ 349 per year, will allow iPhone and Android developers to build applications and publish these in a variety of formats available in the iPhone and Android. Outsource iPhone developers and their colleagues Android does not have to be employed separately. Using the same developer for both platforms, the time spent on developing and fixing bugs in applications eliminated. iPhone developers can use their talents in a broad way.

Corona uses a programming language that is much simpler than Java or C + + programmers and tie Corona is the basic language to English commands. It is documented that the iPhone and / or Android Developer can get Corona-based game delivered in eight days, saving time and stress. Superb!

Games and outsourced iPhone Developers

current movie Dolphin Story is a game app that is downloaded to the iPhone, iPad, and Android sustavu.Film co-writer, Noam Drom, which is also not marketing, argues that without a Corona, Dolphin Tale game would not be developed , and his incredible marketing ploy for a movie could not exploit. Make a game of up and coming movie. Play the game, go to the movie. As Noam Drom said, "mobile phone is no longer afterthought,"

Custom platforms

Corona is designed for writing on the platforms, IOS versions, and screen sizes. Outsource iPhone developers can write once and then transfer or build the app on iOS or Android on the touch of a button. Corona automatically scales content between devices from smartphones and tablets.

Corona uses a simple, yet powerful API (Application Programming Interface). It allows programs to communicate with each other and serves as an interface between different software programs. Corona uses advanced features of the API with just a few lines of the human family. iPhone developers use real physics in the game with only five lines of code. Allowing external developers to the iPhone and Android phone platform, developers from India (an independent company or group) to the major studios can create a chart-topping applications, games and e-books.

that the external iPhone and Android platform developers say?

In October 2011, an outsourced developed Corona used to increase the number of applications he / she has produced four to six. Corona helps iPhone developers around the world demonstrates the ease of creating applications. Corona is aimed at helping developers succeed and prove to the iPhone and Android developers to use outside offers cost savings, the original and can be fun.

Advantages of Corona development of iPhone applications

The best applications that mirror the content and themes of great movies can be developed by Corona quickly. Corona also provides support for integrated application in the buying, banner ads, and virtual currency. Generate faster and easier than in the past.

No more cookie-cutter applications. When developing iPhone applications, Corona offers everything you need to go beyond ordinary. No longer external iPhone developers have to use in other applications and programming development tools are used, developers can pre-app for the iPhone, iPad, and even the Android platform using the Corona to applications look and behave exactly as you imagined them.


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