Common Flaws That Bring Down the Popularity of an Android App

Ever wondered why some Android apps are more popular than others? The reason lies in some of the shortcomings that are unpopular ones? This does not mean that every app is perfect. It's just that some deficiencies better hidden than others. It's those flaws that do not remain hidden to contribute about failure.

Now, it is important to understand the key to the popularity of app determines its quality and attractiveness, which in turn is a direct consequence of the development of android app you odabrali.Razlog why we mentioned this fact is that if you choose a company that has expertise and experience presentation quality of applications, there is a good chance that the app will end up as neuspjeh.Profesionalna application development companies never develop openly flawed applications.

Let's have a look at the shortcomings that may Android app, which are usually very obvious.

Poor visual

One of the first things that users of the app note is the quality of his paintings. For example, it is a visual that make a first impression, and in most cases lasting impression. This is because before someone goes to use the Android app, and test capabilities, he / she will be seen that app. If an application does not have the type of images you generate interest, to say goodbye to his popularity.

works in fits and starts

android app or any app for that matter can only become popular if it has an impeccable functionality. This means, having been downloaded, the user must be able to optimize their funkcionalnosti.Korisnik not need to wait endlessly is an application as you go through the various functionalities. What does that mean that app needs to perform optimally.

full of annoying forced closed by

Suppose that an Android application, and when you're in the middle of something you are forced to close the application because it hangs on your or any other reason. Does this sound irritating, and it certainly is! Nobody likes him and has a significant effect on the popularity of approx.

So, here they are - different defects that have a detrimental effect on the popularity of android app. As you can see, these are defects that are very obvious and hard to ignore. It is important to develop Android application process ensures that these defects do not appear in the final app.


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