Android Application Developer - Poses New Possibilities

Google Android application market is growing day by day. It is getting popularity over other mobile application development. The number of phone users with Android OS is increased gradually. Android competes very well on tržištu.Android Developer application can open a new world of possibilities for you.

The truth is that the number of Android apps are less than the iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian, but now they are getting a strong hold. Use of Android applications has increased over time. A recent T-Mobile has announced that it has sold the one millionth phone based on Android open source operating system. What does it mean to have only six months to do it.

Android began ruling the smart phone market. Its growth was phenomenal jump 15 points in just 3 months. But on the other side of the phone device is shown such a tremendous growth in such a short period.

Android is open source, so you do not have to pay any fee for its development. Also there is no limit imposed by your company as you'll find in the case of the iPhone and other operating systems. There are no problems locking or unlocking and jailbreak so you can sell your application in the Android App Store, where most of the download takes place. You can sell your Android applications with third-party suppliers, as they cover the rest of the market, it is a big plus point for the development of Android applications and applications for the Android developer. While in the case of the iPhone can not think of this thing, you must use only one path and that the Apple store.

has great Android developer community. Since the open source development can take advantage of this great community. You can take help debugging your applications. If you have any problems during the development phase can take help from the community and solve this problem. Board provides guidance and any assistance and support to its members.

Android is based on the Linux kernel and is showing strong stability. It never breaks down easily. It also shows security against other viruses. Applications developed on this platform shows the same characteristics because they are stable.

Android application development is not sold cheaply on the market, this means that you have a good return of investment if you are in the Android Market application development. There are many stores, so you can sell your program faster than other platforms.


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