Best Android Apps: My Top 10 Choices

Android based phones have a diverse range of applications available. The new Android users, which can be almost overwhelming selection of applications to install. With the recent release of new Androids handsets from major brands such as Motorola, HTC and Google, Android developer community has received a boost from the crank-quality free software. Today, Android Market has more than 10,000 applications on the personal finances of games and utilities. While some programs are more beneficial to some than others, here are my top 10 Android applications.

Connecting a Bot
Connect Bot is an absolute must have program for anyone who works with Unix or Linux servers. This app is very decent and capable Secure Shell client for Android phones. Connect Bot is a SSH client for Android phones that allows you to connect to remote servers directly from your handheld device.

This is another top Android app for anyone who works with networked computers. Need to know if your web server is up and running? Ping will check out the Android phone. This program not only what it says, it allows you to send ICMP pings to the server with the Android phone.

App Manager
App Manager is a free application that allows you to manage applications more easily. This allows you to backup unprotected applications to the SD card. It will also allow you to easily uninstall and reinstall the program from the SD card.

bar code scanner
This free application uses the phone camera to read bar codes. This program reads both the UPC bar codes and QR codes style. This program works with other free applications like Amazon use to search for information and pricing on products.

got to do
If you use David Allen's getting things done organizational system, you will love to do. This free application implements the basic concepts of GTD to manage tasks and projects.

Handcent text
Request message to the default Android is quite capable, but it lacks several features such as saving MMS attachments. Handcent is a great replacement that shows messages in the style of comic bubbles, supports attachments MMS and save a virtual greetings you can send to your friends.

Snap Photo Pro
Snap Photo Pro is a victory of only $ 0.99 for the application. This application replaces the Android camera application that comes with Android. It has a software zoom and stabilization. It also shows a network that represents the horizon and supports white balance. I found that it was Android application runs much better images than the default.

WiFi Analyzer
If you need to see what wireless networks are around and how strong their signals, this is a program for you. It is also useful for troubleshooting Wi-Fi as it shows how the channel network is used and where different networks overlap. It may also indicate a certain relation to the open network.

Pic Say Pro
Photoshop for Android is still very much in its infancy, but Pic Say Pro is a free application that has many features for editing photos. Even without the lite version surpasses the current incarnation of Photoshop for free. This is a must have for photo editing on Android.

I love music. I love finding new music. Shazam is a free application that can listen to a piece of music in a club or on the radio and recognize the album title and artist to be performed. Unbelievable, but it is extremely accurate and works even on non-English songs.

There are many free applications available today. Some are obviously better than others. My top 10 Android applications include networking tools, a replacement for the default Android apps, photo editor, organizer and music applications. These top 10 Android applications will give you a great start with the Android mobile device.


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