Mobile Apps - Why Is Android Mobile Application Development Becoming Very Popular

world of mobile applications has just started developing and we are already witnessing stiff competition, especially between Google as the leader of a group that has launched the Android) and Apple Inc., which is the manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple has got the advantage of launching a smartphone before Google, but on the other hand, Google is said to be the undisputed leader among search engines.

Android applications can add many features to your mobile phone and turn it into a smart phone. Some of the factors that prompt the popularity of Android applications are as follows.

• Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android application is designed and made ​​available through Google. There are a wide variety of tools in SDK.SDK includes operating systems, middleware and APIs necessary to begin developing Android applications.

• Android's open source platform and the Android app development costs are drastically reduced. Moreover, if you are stuck somewhere in the design of programs, there is a large community of followers Android solve your problem.

• There are many fundamental applications in the SDK. This makes the task a developer of Android applications jednostavno.SDK includes handset emulator, debugging tools, a few utility functions, several business functions and other features too. This facilitates the application developer with a wide array of options. This is an SDK that provides a platform for application development that offers a better experience for the end user.

• SDK is so advanced that the application programmer has more control over the features to be incorporated into the final Android applications.

• The open source platform allows the application developer can easily distribute the completed application. Once completed, the finished program is sure to be very user friendly.

• When developing a mobile Android application, the designer is facilitated by P2P communication with the help of Google Talk.Dizajner can store data using SQLite.

• designer with the help of Android app development kit can publish a report and export to other uses too.

• Android app can be integrated with GPS, touch screen and video camera.

• The SDK is equipped with quite a large library with books about the GPS, touch screen, and video cameras.

• SDK enjoys the support of WiFi support and Bluetooth and has a library of several 2D and 3D fans.

• The Android SDK you can develop a custom Android applications for sale or free distribution to individual customers or the public at large.

• Android application development enables the application developer, business and end user as well.

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