Seven Free Android Apps For Small Business Owners

start a small business is never easy. There is a network of contacts to manage, to attend meetings, and expense tracking. Small business owners often wear many hats and perform multiple tasks in order to do the job on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are ways to make these tasks easier and smartphones is a perfect device to get the job done. Many free programs are available on the Android phones that are designed to make life easier for anyone who operates or does business.

CamCard Lite - This free version of the highly rated CamCard app that makes it easy to share and store cards in one place. It is a symbol of a digital rolodex. Business cards are captured through a camera phone and contact data stored in the phone's address book and search, making it easy to organize and find the right contact for your business potrebe.Lite version allows users to capture 10 cards during the first week, then 2 per card week after that. For serious networkers who collect many cards a week, there is a full upgrade for $ 11.99 with no restrictions.

Google Voice - Google Voice has changed the way many people use and manage their communications. With a Google Voice number, you can forward your calls to all numbers, including your cell phone, water and land office number. Voicemails are transcribed and can be sent via e-mail or tekst.Usluga also allows you to make free calls and SMS messages within the United States and Canada and from the phone and desktop computers. International calls are much cheaper than traditional counterparts.

barcode scanner - While not specifically business app, barcode scanner lets you scan barcodes of products and QR codes on the fly. Since QR codes, you can store contact information, calendar of events, text messages, and URLs, and show information about the map. You can also create your own QR codes to share with colleagues who can scan directly from your phone.

Bump - This paper info sharing allows applications to share data or contact information with other people's first phone with a hammer. By selecting the item you want to share, simply hold the phone and gently tap the Bump with another handful of users.

PDANet - Have you ever been out to a meeting with a client only to discover that your Internet connection is poor or nonexistent? PDANet comes in handy in these situations. This app is a great utility that allows you to share internet connection from my phone to a computer without root access on the phone. Your connection speed will be the same as the phone's.

CamScanner - This useful app turns your phone into a scanner. Save the certificate of operating costs, or a record in the notes to make your office while on the go. CamScanner allows you to scan multiple page documents and to do batch processing. The scanned files are converted to PDF format and can be shared by a 3rd party services like Dropbox and Google Docs.

Astro File Manager - This app is more purpose tool for managing all your files on your Android. This allows you to copy, rename, move, delete and send file attachments via e-mail with ease. You can also extract the zip file or tarred file. In additions, this app monitors your memory and CPU usage, it allows you to see what processes are running and allows you to backup your files and applications on a memory card.

In this age of mobile devices, smartphones became small business owner's best friend. As the development of Android applications on the market continues to grow, the more advanced tools will be on our toes and on the way people do business.


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