Android: Future of Smartphone Technology Is Green

advances in smartphone technology has led to a lot of big players jumping into action. Manufacturers teaming up with developers to create and design a head fervently for newer and better operating systems and software to support a dynamic platform to their computers, in this case the smartphone.

is the Android mobile operating system released by Google after the company acquired Android Inc. Android word literally translates to something that has a biological basis and closely mimics the human being. Any phone that uses the Android operating system Android smartphone. From the technological point of view, consists of Android, an operating system, middleware and key requirement. Android smartphone uses a version of the Linux kernel is modified to serve the mobile environment. Therefore, it is open source.Android operating system was first released 21st October 2008. Since then, various changes were seen. These changes are mainly concerned about the security problem, or you add new značajke.Četvrti the newest version of Android is version 2.2. It is also known as Froyo. It is based on Linux Kernel 2.6.32.

According to the latest global research network, surpassed the iPhone OS Android market share for the first time on a global level in March 2011. Android growing at a faster pace than the IOS and now holds a 14.5 percent share of global impressions Inmoba network. Globally, mobile impressions and still growing rapidly, increasing by 21 percent to Inmoba network in just 90 days, primarily driven by growth of 34 percent of the smartphone. Android OS should not exceed 40 percent share in the smartphone world with Samsung, HTC and Motorola phones with the lead based on open-source platform.

In Q4 2010, passed Android Nokia Symbian fights as a leading operating system in the entire svijetu.Raste list of manufacturers who make Android as the cornerstone of their smartphone strategy is to drive the growth of Android. Vendors are Samsung, HTC and Motorola, all of which are doubled its market share in smartphones over cranking and sale of various Android handsets.

success among investors on the open-source platform is important as well. Recently Tapjoy, mobile monetization company, starting with $ 5 million fund to make it easier for app makers to switch their application for the Android mobile operating system. This is a clear sign that a small company is finding it easier to operations on the Android platform. Moving on, Google Nexus, one of the benchmarks for the quality of Android devices in the past two years have gotten upgraded to 4G Nexus. Nexus 4G is rumored to be packing a dual-core Snapdragon processor. It will run Android 4.0 "ice cream sandwich," judging by Google's recent Nexus device, it will probably be the first phone to run the new OS


Android application development is also picked up the pace and the market share and productivity sky rocketed at the global level. Android developers and future Android applications development agencies working together to deliver the best Android mobile applications for the Android Marketplace. One of the most common and most popular Android applications to the smartphone game, Angry Birds.

Global winds of technological development of mobile application development in particular, make good news for the Android open-source.Budućnost is more fruity and apple blue, green, its free.


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