Android Tablet Reviews: Honeycomb OS

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is the current Honeycomb Android Google Android OS. It is designed for tablets and is therefore optimized with even more features and benefits than you would normally find on a regular smartphone running on Froyo or gingerbread.

Honeycomb has gained a dramatic improvement on the Gingerbread in several aspects. An example of the improved application of honeycomb. Many of the native applications on the Android is a completely rethought and improved, such as e-mail, browser, Android Market, Google Talk and YouTube.

  • e . E-mail applications (Gmail, and everything else) use a two-pane system. So, it makes access to your inbox and various folders much easier. Besides these applications use the new API is open to all devs called "fragments" that allow for the sliding panes. This means the left pane begins with a list of all available folders for the e-mail, but when you choose something from the panel on the right side, which then slides over to the left and replaces the list of folders. Therefore, on the right, now I can see the entire email messages or full chat that I asked for a raise, and I can see the entire conversation.

  • Browser . Biggest improvement is tabbed browsing. No need to press the menu button in your browser to view all open windows. They are only shown as Chrome browser on your computer, with the Action Bar shows off more cards that you can move on quite easily.

  • Android Market . "My Applications" section lists all applications that you download, update and / or installed. You can dictate whether the application will have updates automatically installed and you can open each individual application directly from this section. This list My Apps also notice if any updates are available, it keeps me aware of the download / installation process, and is easy to move around.

  • Google Talk . Integration of native video chat and Google Talk app makes it more convenient and accessible for everyone to use it. Even if you have a pill and your business partner, no, they just log into Google Talk on your computer, and you're all set for a good video chat.

  • YouTube . YouTube application is built with Renderscript, and it's easy to say, because it is more polished 3D renderings ovdje.App was set up as a network with several rows and columns, but when you move left or right of this curve with a moving grid, acting as if the carousel.

With its advanced applications, Honeycomb is the biggest jump in Android has taken in its growth and development since the OS came out. It has made Android a lot smarter in the process. As a result, the Honeycomb Android tablet much more competitive with iPad from existing Android devices with older versions of the free software.

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