Offshore Android Application Development - Hire Android App Developer Or Find Freelancer?

Google's Android is a revolution in the mobile applications market. For a while it seemed that the iPhone would totally dominate the smartphone market, but the skyrocketing popularity of Android has changed the game. Programmers and developers like Android because it helps them to develop a dynamic and revolutionary applications. Professional Android app developers also love the fact that Android is a free, open source software.

Android applications rapidly gained ground in the mobile app market development because it brings what mobile users want. This is an ideal platform for developing feature-rich, fast and dynamic, attractive and efficient applications. Thus, the number of people opt for Android application development.

Offshore Android Development: When and Why

If you decide to develop applications for Android, and you do not have the skills and manpower needed for the development of Android, you have to get someone else to do. If the person you hire does not do a good job, your doomed to oblivion.

Also, an experienced professional android app developer May prove to be too expensive. If you do not have deep pockets, you can not ignore the cost benefits of outsourcing your project. When you outsource your project, you can find a freelancer or hire a professional application development from a software development company.

'Workers' and 'hired Developer': What do these words really mean in terms of Android App Development

number of freelancers to post their profiles on different websites available that help connect with prospective employers. Many of these freelancers are professional developers with a full-time, while a lot of profiles created by agents who are trying to capture projects, and then move on to the developers for the commission.

hired a developer is someone who already works as a programmer working hours in the company for the development of software (typically an offshore location). You pay a certain amount of the Company and 'hire' a project for a specified time or for a specific projekt.Tvrtka responsibility of the project, which promises to provide the infrastructure and technical assistance to the developer rented.

Pros and cons: free and hired programmers to develop Android App

If you choose a freelancer for your Android Application Development Project, May you end up waiting a lifetime for him / her to the end projekta.Problem is that you do not know anything about the free, in the absence of a legal contract, there is not much you can do if your project freelancer postponed indefinitely.

Also, it is not easy to find available for Android development, because this area of ​​development is still not as popular as the iPhone developer in offshore locations. But you May get lucky and find a dedicated freelancer in this case you can get a good job done for dirt cheap prices


As long as you entrust your Android development work on a professional developer from a reputed company, you need not worry about the quality and timely delivery. Although this approach ensures a high quality development, it costs little more than free.

What do you do then?

Freelance Android application development is quite a risky venture, but if you know the reputed freelancer who has worked for their friends or acquaintances, you've struck gold. However, if you crave the security and guarantee that your Android application development projects are completed on time and on price, you're better off hiring an app developer from a reputed mobile company development.


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Offshore Android Development has rapidly gained ground in the mobile app development market because it delivers what the mobile users want. This platform is perfect for the development of feature-rich, speedy, dynamic, attractive and efficient apps. Consequently, a number of people opt for Android application development.

All your comment for programming development and mobile solutions are welcome.

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